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KJK Official Greeting Cards Sets + Papitus Fund-raising Event

The deadline (17 April 2014) is nearing.

To those who wants to buy KJK official greeting cards set and join the event can contact me:)

Price pre set: MYR 47 or USD 15

Shipping is RM 4 or USD~5

20% of sell will be sent over for the fund-raising event.

More info HERE


PAPITUS is having a fundraising event from 1st April till 18th April 2014.

More info HERE


As I still have leftover Kim Jong Kook official greeting cards, anyone who interested to buy can contact me and 20% of the sell I’ll send over to PAPITUS as part of the event (valid for purchase with payment made by 17th April) 

Price and shipping method please refer HERE

you can contact me directly here or from my twitter or FB

EDIT [17.04.2014]: transfered to papitus today. thank you for buying! some card sets still available tho.

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